Blackdown Stringybark

    (Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa)


Also known as:

Blackdown Stringybark grows only on, and nearby the Blackdown Tableland national park which is why it has intrigued and alluded me for so long.  It can grow to around 45 metres tall with a 2 metre diameter trunk and large examples like the one pictured here are seen all over the top of the tableland.
Luckily for me I eventually got access to a property with some smaller trees growing on the fenceline which were candidates for removal.
The fiddleback figure in this tree was obvious as soon as it was cut and it is also visible on the bark.
Loaded and debarked, this score looked promising and the slabs we milled looked really good. The timber dries to around 995kg/m3 and the sapwood is resistant to lychtid borers so I didn't have to treat it for a change.
Unfortunately the timber didn't dry as well as hoped. As you can see in the pic of this 'bowl blank', the internal checking from uneven radial shrinkage was quite bad and all the slabs have a lot of surface cracks. It's just about dry enough to start working so I'll see just how bad it is soon enough!
I found the timber quite tough to turn and a little abrasive on the tools but it is workable. Not very sandpaper friendly either but it takes a finish nicely.


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