Clarkson's Bloodwood

    (Corymbia clarksoniana)


Also known as: Grey Bloodwood

Clarkson's Bloodwood is fairly common across the Central Highlands and the region was once said to be built on it. It has been used for just about everything you might make from timber out here - bridges, fences, buildings - the lot! The trees grow up to 20 metres high with reasonably straight trunks to over 1 metre in diameter.
As with all Bloodwoods, resin veins are common but the timber is stable to mill and dries with minimal cracking. The timber is moderately heavy, about 960kg/m3, machines and sands easily but is typical of eucalypts 'crumbly' texture.
While not exclusively a turning, this is the only project I have made from Clarkson's Bloodwood and I did use the lathe in it's making so it will have to do. This Jewellery cabinet was made for our 2015 Club challenge that started from a billet 100x100x900mm and had nothing more than a few tiny scraps leftover. The components of the stand were rounded on the lathe, joined and then blended by hand as seen on this project page.
The inserts in the doors are made from Arid Peach (yellow) and Lychee (pink) and the white timber is Norfolk Island Hibiscus which was used for the handles as well.


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