Dallachy's Ghost gum

    (Corymbia dallachiana)


Also known as: Ghost gum, Dallachy's gum.

Ghost gum is found all over the Central Highlands, usually on higher ground and not on black soil so much. It grows to around 15 metres tall with trunks to around 600mm diameter.
The picture below was taken in the 1980's in Emerald and the Ghost gum to the left is the tree my sample came from as a windfall branch. The tree still stands in the extensive garden around the house and is one of only a few naturally grown specimens remaining in town.
This photo of a trunk was taken in September just as the old bark was starting to peel off to reveal it's new white coat.
The timber sample I was given dried well with very little cracking and fairly even shrinkage.
I found the Ghost gum machined quite well for a eucalypt and sanded easily too. While it took quite a few coats of hard-wax oil to get there, the timber finished very nicely.
This bowl was turned from a small burl which turned out to be mainly sapwood and resin galleries . . . but was still worth the effort!


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