Moreton Bay Ash

    (Corymbia tessellaris)


Also known as: Carbeen

Moreton Bay Ash can be found all over the Central Highlands. Growing to around 30 metres tall with butts to about 600mm diameter, it is often found in pure stands like the patch pictured here which is near German Ck Mine. Very easy to spot with its distinctive 'sock' of darker tessellated bark.
The trees are prone to 'welding' together when the branches/trunks are rubbing together like this example near Capella.
Moreton Bay Ash is not a timber we go looking for due to its tendency to split badly while drying and the ever present gum veins. Historically it has been used in bridge construction and the likes and apparently the indigenous peoples also used the tree for medicinal purposes and making spears.  
This natural-edged bowl was turned from the piece of branch timber pictured above. Fairly typical of eucalypt timbers, it turns and finishes a lot like 'Vic Ash / Tassie Oak' - easy to machine and sands OK. I also found the sapwood quite brittle/crumbly.


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