Scrub Boonaree

    (Alectryon diversifolius)


Also known as: Holly bush

Scrub Boonaree is found on just about any type of country on the Central Highlands but is most common in semi-evergreen vine thicket (SEVT). The leaves vary from oval to lanceolate and are often 'toothed' which is where the 'Holly bush' common name originates.
Scrub Boonaree is generally only found as a small bush with trunks no thicker than your wrist but occasionally it grows to be a small tree, 4 or 5 metres tall, with short trunks to around 200mm diameter. 
The timber is virtually identical to Boonaree (Alectryon oleifolius). It is hard and dense and cracks and moves quite a lot while drying but the end product is worth the dramas for the extraordinary colouring you can get in it.
The timber is very hard to turn/machine and sand but it finishes beautifully.
I turned this goblet for the bloke that gave me the log pictured above but the photo just doesn't do the colours justice.


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