Weeping Emu Bush

    (Eremophila longifolia)


Also known as: Berrigan, Long-leaved Emu Bush

Weeping Emu Bush can be found just about anywhere on the Highlands and it grows to about 4 or 5 meters tall with trunks to around 200mm diameter. It's medicinal and ceremonial value was highly regarded by the first Australians. 
The tree doesn't seem to have a regular flowering season but instead seems to be dependant on conditions. They have to be one of the prettiest flowers to be found around here in my opinion.
The fruits that develop start off green and end up jet black when ripe.
The timber smells delicious and can be quite colourful where the tree has been damaged and there is some 'spalting' in progress. It is of medium weight,  close-grained and fairly stable while drying but still needs to be sawn or halved to prevent checking.
Weeping Emu Bush is a pleasure to work with, not just because of the aroma, but it also cuts, sands and finishes as nicely as any timber you would want to use. 


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