Weeping Tea-tree

    (Leptospermum lamellatum)


Also known as: ?

Found growing  on all of the sandstone escarpments on the Central Highlands, Weeping Tea-tree reaches to about 8 metres high with trunks to about 200mm diameter, although there's not a lot of solid timber underneath all that paper-like bark!
The tree apparently flowers through Spring and Summer but I haven't caught it on film yet (or pixels to be more precise!)
The fluting in the trunks of these trees is quite extraordinary. The layers of papery bark are compacted into the flutes so tightly that it can only be removed by separating the flutes completely. The timber is close grained and of medium weight.
Recovering anything meaningful from the tree is difficult, a lot of pen-blanks maybe, but the timber machines and sands nicely. It soaks up an oil finish readily but eventually builds to a nice surface. The lip of this piece is from Gidgee and had to be added before the flutes separated completely during the turning process.


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