ZigZag Wattle

    (Acacia macradenia)


Also known as: ??

Named for its tendency to bend at each leaf nodule creating a zig-zag pattern, the Central Highlands is the northern end of the natural range of this wattle. Thanks to the abundance of seed it produces it is usually dense and widespread where it does occur on sandy or gravelly country. It is one of our very short-lived wattles, usually only lasting a couple of years but producing a massive amount of seed in that time.
This sample came from a tree that lived to be maybe 6 or 7 years old before being knocked over - ancient for this species! The radial shrinkage was severe creating a single wide crack to the heart. The timber is of medium weight and is fairly close-grained. ZigZag Wattle machines OK, sands reasonably well, and takes a finish nicely.
This piece was my 'prototype' toothpick dispenser which came about because of the need for a project that would suitably test the working qualities of timber that is only available in very small sizes while also creating something useful.


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