Red Olive Plum

    (Elaeodendron australe)


Also known as: Blush boxwood

Red Olive Plum is not common on the Highlands but I have found some around the floodline of some creeks through blacksoil country. Growing to 7 or 8 metres high, the largest trunk I have seen is about 250mm diameter.
The bark tends to be darker and furrowed on older trees. The tree produces tiny flowers around September which develop into an attractive bright red fruit that is apparently inedible (and I'm not about to try and prove otherwise!).
The timber of Red Olive Plum is a delight to work with and is quite stable in drying. It is of medium weight, is close grained but is not hard so it machines brilliantly. It sands very cleanly and easily and takes any finish in similar fashion. A very desirable turning timber.


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