Silky Geebung

    (Persoonia sericea)


Also known as: ?

More a shrub than a tree but it can get to useable sized trunks like this specimen. The species is scarce around the Highlands and are usually found on stony, well drained country with the likes of Lancewood.
The leaves and branchlets are covered in fine hairs and the flowers appear around March and develop into a small hairy fruit - don't know if they are edible or not.
Silky Geebung timber is very similar to Southern Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) in appearance but is denser and nicer to work with. The timber turns very nicely leaving a good finish off the tool and it sands very easily. I found it a little thirsty with an oil finish but eventually built up to a nice sheen.
Always looking for different ways to support these forms that show off the grain so well and didn't want to waste the offcuts of the Silky Geebung! Still not sure if I like it or not!!!


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