Yellowberry Bush

    (Maytenus cunninghamii)


Also known as: Orange Boxwood

Yellowberry bush is a close cousin to the better known, 'Orange boxwood' (M.disperma) and is very hard to spot in the scrub. It's not common around here but when you do find it, it's foliage is generally sparse and amongst the Cocaine bush it is easily missed - but it is unmistakeable in Autumn when the berries are on it. Yellowberry Bush only grows to about 5 or 6 metres high with a 100 to 200mm trunk and it flowers around February. 
The timber has a fine medullary ray and an orange tinge to it which is most attractive. Unfortunately the grubs also find it attractive making it hard to find solid samples, but this specimen from further north was in great condition.
Note the distinctive orange layer in the bark - typical of Maytenus sp.
The timber is an absolute pleasure to machine giving an excellent finish straight off the chisel. It sands really well too and gives a good finish after readily soaking up the first coat or two.
The worst of the grubholes are on the far side of this piece, after all, you only want to see the wood right?!?! It is finished with Wipe-On Poly and the finial and filling dust is Australian Ebony.


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