I was making a small cabinet to store my rotary tools bits and pieces recently and found I wasn't happy with the look of the boundary between the NG Rosewood ply panel and the Peltophorum frame as the two timbers are a very similar colour. It might only be for the shed, but if I have to look at it every day . . .


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The ScratchStock...

Decided it was time to try my hand at some stringing so I needed to make myself a scratchstock. Figured I might as well make it to last so a bit of Buloke should do the job! All a bit fancier than it needs to be to function bit it's my scratchstock so I'll do as I please.

Having the mini-metal lathe now allows me to make knurled thumbscrews and the like which adds to the pleasure of making your own gear. Pretty straight-forward construction - hardest part is making sure the square hole is perpendicular to the face of the fence.


The blade is a chunk of inch wide hacksaw blade, in this case sharpened to cut a 2mm wide groove. I've got a few more pieces of hacksaw blade to create other profiles when the need arises.

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Using it...

I was quite amazed at how well this worked. I scored a line along the short sides where the groove was going to be going across the grain with a knife for fear of it tearing out. Don't know if the fear was justified but it cut the rest out much cleaner and easier than I expected. The corners where the scratchstock was starting and finishing were cleaned up with a sharp knife as my narrowest chisel is 3mm wide.

I used some Sally Wattle for the stringing which I sized in one direction on the drum sander - the other direction didn't matter as it was to be levelled off after being glued in anyway.

Worked out pretty good for a first-timer I thought!

 (Excuse the pics - note to self - don't use phone to get pics for website!)

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