(Dodonaea Stenophylla)


Also known as: Netted Hopbush

Hopbush is found all over the Central Highlands on  sandy or loamy soils. It can grow to around 4 metres high with a trunk to about 100mm diameter at best.
Hopbush starts flowering around October and fruits through to about March. Normally just a spindly shrub, older specimens show a distinct spiral pattern in their bark which also applies to the timber.
Hopbush timber is of medium weight ,is fairly close-grained and very colourful.
The grain runs in a spiralling direction which adds an unexpected level of difficulty to turning this timber but a little bit of planning and patience gets around it. Grain direction aside, the timber machines and sands well and takes a very high finish. I knocked a piece off the corner of this blank to show the grain following the spiralling bark.
Because of the limited size of this timber and the large radial cracking in it, I had to come up with something a little different in order to show it off properly. Slicing 4 staves from the log and gluing them together with the inside facing out worked beautifully to show off the colour and provided a big enough blank to create a cylinder for the toothpick dispenser below.
This is my most successful design for one of these dispensers so far, both aesthetically and functionally. The lid, 'cup' and base are from Red Olive Plum.


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